old friends in new places

You can imagine my surprise when my dear friend from home Yesenia told me she’d be visiting me in Hong Kong the first week of December. She is studying abroad in South Korea and wanted to take a few days off to come to the city and rekindle her friendship with Cyndi Cheng (second from left) who was a student at HKBU and did a semester abroad at the University of the Incarnate Word (our home university), where they met and became good friends.
I acted as a tour guide for Yesenia, showing her the best sites Hong Kong has to offer, from the markets in Mong Kok and Temple Streets to the hustle and bustle of Central District, where we wandered into vintage shops and visited the IFC Tower. We also visited Aberdeen and Repulse Bay where we took in the sights and enjoyed a dog show which happened to have some of Hong Kong’s biggest celebrities as guests.
Cindy and her sister Aki were great in showing us the way true Hong Kong residents live. They took us to breakfast and introduced us to Yum Cha and spent the entire day showing us a side of Hong Kong I had never experienced.

Lastly, I couldn’t let her leave without showing her the magnificent Ritz-Carlton Hotel, home to Ozone, the highest bar in the world. At the 118th floor, we sampled the creative menu and enjoyed the ambiance (and the view!).
Like all good things, her visit came to an end and she flew back to South Korea. I am eternally grateful that we got to spend time together in this amazing city; it made me nostalgic to think that my time here is almost over as well but I am definitely taking full advantage of it.

P.S. Yesenia also has a blog about South Korea and her travels, you can visit it by clicking here.



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